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Hello. I'm Jodie.

A small creative human. Fuelled by tea*.

I approach design the same way I approach everyday life; with a curious and open mind. Always striving to learn, work well and be kind.

As unoriginal as it might sound, being creative is all I’ve known. I was never good at the ‘smart’ subjects. Trust me. I still remember my parent’s struggle to teach me times tables and ratios. Growing up, I enjoyed fine arts, story writing and generally being crafty. It wasn’t until the rise of websites like MySpace and Tumblr that I discovered my love for type and layout - I could get lost for hours trying to ‘perfect’ my theme. This love for design led me out of my small hometown in Wales to pursue university and a creative career in London.


I’ll be honest, as of this day, I’m still not the best at maths, but I am proud to say I’m a passionate and driven graphic designer and all round creative human. Outside of design, I enjoy traveling, hand lettering, trying to keep my house plants alive and dabbling in both digital and film photography.

*English Breakfast, strongly brewed, no sugar and a dash of milk.


2016 - 2017: Freelance Designer

2017 - 2018: Junior Designer, Designer Parfums

2018 - 2020: Digital Designer, Siyona Tech


2008 - 2012: Gowerton School, South Wales

2012 - 2014: Brunel University, Uxbridge, London

2014 - 2017: University of West London, Ealing, London

                        First Class Honours in Graphic Design (Visual Communication and Illustration)  


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD

Basic Premier Pro, AfterEffects, HTML/CSS

Microsoft Office

Digital and Film Photography

Design Thinking

Concept Development

Brand and Visual Identity 

Digital and Print Design 

Project Management 

Teamwork and Communication 




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