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Insider Trading

A themed, immersive learning solution to inform a client’s employees about insider trading.

Company Name

SiyonaTech, Henley-on-Thames, UK


& Responsibilities

SiyonaTech specialises in creating learning and communication solutions for a range of clients across multiple platforms, including desktops/laptops, tablets, smartphones, VR/AR devices and smart glasses. 

Working off of scripts provided by instructional designers at the company, I created UI designs, storyboards and collated assets for these various solutions. Often times, I would also design the company's marketing collateral for tradeshows and events throughout the year. 


A client asked us to produce a solution to inform and educate their staff on insider trading. Our instructional designers drew inspiration from ‘The Great Gatsby’ theme and 1920s period to build an engaging storyline to walk user’s through the learning. 


Keeping with this theme, I created a UI with colours and accents from the theme. Using art deco style accents to frame the learning and old style icons such as a gramophone (audio) and newspaper (resources) in place of what we’d typically use for these options. All assets in the build were sourced and Photoshopped as required to fit in with the 1920s look and feel. 


The client loved the outcome of this solution and found it very engaging and loved that it took learning and ‘immersed’ them in what felt like ‘another world’. They loved the concept and felt everything down to the smallest details really helped to elevate the learning solution to another level.



The Great Gatsby

Themed Learning

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