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Incident Management

A learning solution to inform a client’s employees the correct protocols to follow in a cyber attack scenario.

Company Name

SiyonaTech, Henley-on-Thames, UK


& Responsibilities

SiyonaTech specialises in creating learning and communication solutions for a range of clients across multiple platforms, including desktops/laptops, tablets, smartphones, VR/AR devices and smart glasses. 

Working off of scripts provided by instructional designers at the company, I created UI designs, storyboards and collated assets for these various solutions. Often times, I would also design the company's marketing collateral for tradeshows and events throughout the year. 


We were approached to create a solution to inform the client’s employees the correct protocols to follow in a cyber attack scenario. Once a script was written up, I was asked to work on the UI and storyboards. Through the use of photography and animation, the solution begins by placing the user in a first person camera perspective, mimicking themselves experiencing this scenario first hand. 


Each topic is broken up as a timeline of the day as the situation plays out and the user must answer questions as to how they’d respond at each stage. Through the use of accordions, carousels and pop ups, we aimed to present information in a succinct and easy to digest manner.


In keeping with the cyber attack theme, we kept the overall look and feel of the solution as minimal and modern, following brand guidelines and using one of their eye-catching pinks to add a bright pop of colour for any clickable elements.

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