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Howards Hooves & Hounds

Some business cards and a wesbite to help Howards Hooves & Hounds build and promote their services on the world wide web.


Howards Hooves & Hounds, UK


Claudia is extremely passionate about horses and animal care. Having gotten herself to a level where she was able to teach others and start her own business, she approached me to help her create some business cards and a wesbite with her existing branding. 


I started by creating some simple, to-the-point business cards for her, using the blue from her logo. I then discussed with her, her needs and requirements from having her own website and worked with her to create what she needed. As she wanted to keep the website up to date herself with blog posts and images, I also provided her with the knowledge to do so with ease. She loved the outcome and said many clients complimented the website also.

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